Drum Master

DIY Electronic Drum Brain


PCB Layout

I have routed a relatively simple and compact layout of the Drum Master schematics, for use on a printed circuit board. This may be possible to etch by yourself, if you have some experience and some decent equipment. Your best bet, though, is to get it professionally done. Or, cheaper yet, you may be able to purchase a professionally printed board from me for $45 USD + shipping (please contact me for board availability if you are interested).

Top side of the PCB
Top of the PCB Design
Top of the PCB

Bottom side of the PCB
Bottom of the PCB Design
Bottom of the PCB

If you are fortunate enough to have access to your own CNC mill, or you want to get a batch of PCBs done through a professional shop, I have included the Gerber files for the Drum Master board. This includes the copper layers, as well as solder mask, silk screen (for the top), the edge definition, Excellon drill file, and a drill report detailing plated vs. non plated holes and drill count.

Please note that this board is routed with 0.008" clearances between traces. This is relatively high for most professional shops (some go down as low as 0.004"), so most places should not have any trouble with it.

You can also download the entire Drum Master project, including schematic and board layout, in KiCad format.